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Unlock your plant's Microbiome

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Who we are

Microbika develops and produces biological products to increase agricultural productivity through yield and/or quality improvements on all crops.

We are based outside Lichtenburg, North West province, supplying products to farmers in South Africa, Australia and beyond.

Our products include:

Rhizosphere Inoculants

(Trichoderma spp., Bacillus spp., Azospirillum, etc.)

Soil health & fertility products

(Bacillus spp., Azotobacter)

Legume Inoculants



Why we are different

For anyone to produce consistent, known and guaranteed quantities of microbes is extremely challenging.  

Microbika has the technology, the skills and the processes to do exactly that.

To this end, we are the first producer of biological products in Africa to achieve ISO 9001:2015 Certification


Microbika’s Vision is to Enrich Farmers' lives with
Continuously Improving
Biological Solutions

enhancing THEIR quest for

Our Mission

To Develop and Produce Reliable Biological products that will Reduce Dependence on Traditional Chemistry alone.

To Lead Formulation R&D and Compatibility Testing of Biological & Traditional products.

Thereby establishing   a Mainstream Biological Farming Approach that will Optimize the joint contribution of different Ag-input Industries.

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